Introduction to golf

Free golf open days


Once or twice every year the club holds free Open Days for people to learn about golf. 

Initiation Golf Golfy Golf du Haut-Poitou 86130 Beaumont Saint-Cyr

Golf Open Days are generally organised in collaboration with the French Golf Federation.  For an hour, by booking in advance to form small groups of beginners, visitors are taken in hand by the golf coaches for free.  Golf clubs are provided and they are shown the basic techniques of the golf swing.

Golf Open Days are announced in the golf club calendar on the Haut-Poitou web site, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.


Combine your business away day with an introduction to golf


Invite your colleagues or clients to take part in an official activity as part of your team building day.  Make their day more memorable by including a sporting activity such as learning how to play golf.

Initiation golf en groupes Séminaires Golf du Haut-Poitou 86130 Saint-Cyr

Personalized your business away day with a sport activity, with an introduction to golf supervised by the two golf coaches, Martin Guilbaud and Xavier Lazurowicz. During one hour and a half, your group will learn the golf swing.


Learn to play golf at a private event


With family or friends, for a birthday, an engagement party, a family gathering, try a sporting activity.  Choose an introduction to golf which takes place in beautiful surroundings, which will delight your guests of all ages.

Initiation golf entre amis Golf du Haut-Poitou 86130 Beaumont Saint-Cyr

Our two golf coaches, Martin Guilbaud and Xavier Laxurowicz will be pleased to help them in their first steps learning to play golf.  They will be provided with golf clubs and will be introduced to the various practice areas on the course.


Group rates for introduction to golf


Rates will vary according to the number of people in each group and how many golf coaches are needed.

Initiation golf encadrée au Golf du Haut-Poitou - Découverte du golf - 86130 Beaumont Saint Cyr

For an hour and a half supervised golf instruction:

  • For a group up to 12 people : €200
  • For a group of between 13 and 24 people : €380
  • For a group of between 25 and 36 people : €575


For further information and booking please contact Pauline ROBUCHON who is our commercial representative specialising in groups and who will be pleased to offer you her advice and arrange a reservation.

Contact us to arrange a reservation for your group.