Pitch & Putt

Less demanding for beginners.

The Pitch and Putt course is located on the 9-hole compact course, with teeing grounds closer to the holes on synthetic mats, identified by orange stakes.  The maximum length of the holes on the Pitch and Putt course is 90 meters.  You can play on this course quickly with only a few clubs.  It proves popular with players who only have a limited time available to them.

This Pitch & Putt course was approved to FIPPA standards in December 2020.

Parcours Pitch & Putt Golf du Haut-Poitou Golfy 86130 Beaumont Saint-Cyr

Advanced players also appreciate this course as it allows them to work on their short game (pitch shots and putting).  Regional and national competitions are regularly organised on this accredited course. (“Les Hivernales” from October to the end of March: French Team Pitch & Putt Cup, in collaboration with the Pitch & Putt France Committee).

Coupe de France Pitch & Putt 2020 Golf du Haut-Poitou 86130 Beaumont Saint-Cyr
Coupe de France Pitch & Putt 2020 Golf du haut-Poitou près du Futuroscope 86130 Beaumont Saint-Cyr